Military Veterans

Military veterans and ex-forces
  • If you are a veteran or ex-forces, let your GP know. This will help us to give you the best care we can.

Your GP may ask to see your military medical records. This will be kept confidential.

As well as giving you care, your GP may suggest you visit specialist mental and physical health services, or armed forces charities.

You will be able to speak to people who:

understand military life
are from the armed forces community, or work closely with them
will work to get you the care you need

You can also read NHS.UK's guide to healthcare for the armed forces community.

If you're about to leave the armed forces
Visit NHS.UK's guide for service leavers.
If you used to be in the armed forces
For mental health support, visit NHS.UK's guide to mental health support for veterans, service leavers and reservists.
To get help in your local area, visit Veterans' Gateway for local support organisations.

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