Blood Pressure

Why is Blood Pressure Important?


High blood pressure does not usually have any symptoms, so the only way to find out if you have it is to get your blood pressure checked.

Healthy adults aged over 40 should have their blood pressure checked at least once every 5 years.


If you're at an increased risk of high blood pressure, you should have your blood pressure checked more often, ideally once a year.


Having this done is easy and could save your life.
We now have a self-service Blood Pressure machine in our waiting room which patients are free to use if they have not had a Blood Pressure taken in the last 5 years and don't have an appointment booked or if they are attending for an appointment with a clinician.

  • Please click the link below to watch a short video explaining how the machine works.


How to use the Blood Pressure Machine

Once you have taken your blood pressure, the machine will print out the reading on a slip of paper which should be handed to the clinician if you already have an appointment booked or to a member of the Reception team if you do not.




For more information regarding high Blood Pressure (Hypertension) please visit High blood pressure (hypertension) - NHS (


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