Sick notes

You only need a doctor’s note if you are unable to work and are ill for longer than seven calendar days.  SC2 self-certification forms for shorter periods of illness (up to seven calendar days) can be completed electronically.

If your employer is not willing to accept an SC2 self-certification form, a charge will be made for a private sick note.

Recurrent sick notes can be backdated.



Fit Note extension period

The Department of Work and Pensions are making legislative changes meaning that from Friday 17 December 2021 self-certification for sickness will be extended from 7 to 28 days for people accessing Statutory Sick Pay, and there will be no requirement for a fit note to access other benefits. This time limited change will end on 26 January 2022. Further guidance on this is available. Whilst we expect this to cover the vast majority of fit note requests, GPs may continue to receive some for access to occupational sick pay depending on individual contractual arrangements.

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